Wednesday, 3 July 2013

30 random facts about me

Today I decided to do a "30 random facts about me" post which I love reading on other blogs. I don't know if there's so much to say about me, but since it is (yet again) a typical rainy day here in Belgium, I have plenty of time to think.

So here we go:

1) I am a very small girl (that’s where the “little” in “Little green Sofie” refers to) which makes other people think I’m still a teenager. I’m actually not complaining about that, but it can be annoying when it comes to boys. If you really want to know my exact length: let’s say I’m as tall as Kylie Minogue which makes me 1m53 (5 foot 02), Hurrah!

2) My native language is Dutch since I was born in this tiny little country called Belgium where I still live.

3) I have one sister who is 2 years older than me and her name is Marianne. You cannot believe how glad I am to have her as my older sister. She is very wise (which I am not and so it can be handy sometimes) and can be very terrifying when she is angry (you’d better run if you have the opportunity). I've always been the silly one.

At one of our little piano concerts. I'm on the left, my sister on the right.

4) When we were little, I was very scared of my sister. I would do anything to keep her happy like letting her win every game (which is sad, I know).

5) I’m actually quite shy and I struggled with my self confidence for a very long time. Nowadays I feel very good, I don’t care too much about what other people say or might think anymore. But a negative judgement can still bring me down and can make me feel very sad for a while.

6) Ever since I was a child, I prefer whole-wheat products. Always had the feeling that they are better for me and I think they are much tastier too! So as a young girl, I convinced my parents to stop buying refined cereal products and to buy whole grain products instead. They obeyed :)

7) I have always been very passionate about healthy food and not because I wanted to lose weight. It’s just, I looooove fruits and vegetables, I won’t be able to live without them!

8) Besides that, I’m obsessed with peanut butter, I could eat it on every sandwich but I don’t. Some of my friends find it disgusting, and I recently discovered why ... It’s due to its Dutch name “pindakaas” which is literally translated as “peanut cheese”. Don’t know how they came up with that Dutch name, but a friend of mine thought that it was like peanuts with cheese (what in fact IS disgusting!).

9) We have one cat called Truusje (uhm, no idea how to pronounce that in English. Never mind, if you would call her, she won’t come anyway, unless you give her food.)

10) I like being at home with my family and love spending evenings at home watching a movie and drinking a cup of tea. But I also like to go out with friends occasionally.

11) I’m a very stingy person when it comes to myself. I don’t like spending my money and I only buy something if I think the price is okay. So when I see something that I like, the first thing I do is checking the price (not kidding!). If it’s too much, I won’t buy it and I regret it forever! Story of my life!

12) I love nature, parks, green fields and flowers.

13) Five years ago, I started running with my mum. In Belgium we have a special program called “Start to run” that guides you to run 5 km after 10 weeks. Like two complete dummies with a condition, on a scale of 1 to 10, below zero, it took us almost one year! Seriously! But hey, I’m still running!

14) In line with the previous, I hate it when creepy guys stare whilst I’m running.

15) Since kindergarten, I've always had the same best friend. We’ve known each other for so long and we have always been in the same class until we were 16. We then went our separate ways and now we don’t see each other very often, which is sad, but we still keep in touch!

Me, when I was 15.

16) When we were 13, my best friend and I had a kind of notebook in which we wrote in turn our events to each other. So every morning at school we gave the notebook to the other person who first had to read everything the other had written down the night before. Soon we started to add cutout pictures and comics so the notebook quickly became a thick, bulging book. But we thought it was awesome! Haha!

17) I have this strange habit to eat my meals very selective. So I will always start with my meat/fish/substitute, then my vegetables and finally my potatoes/pasta/rice – and yes, I do that even when everything is mixed! If I do not, my food won’t taste that good. I try to eat normal when I go to a restaurant, but I fail almost every time, oops.

18) When I was 11 I think, we went on holiday to France. Near the place where we stayed, there was a swimming pool. I had a float with me and I was trying to dive through the hole. I stupidly ignored the sign that diving was prohibited there as it was not deep enough in that area. So I ended up with an enormous bump on my forehead which I could feel growing when I was coming out of the water in search for my sister.

19) Two years ago, my grandfather died. Every night, before I go to sleep, I thank him for the past day and wish him goodnight. I know he can hear me.

20) I still sleep with a teddy bear. I just need something to hold when I’m trying to fall asleep.

21) And if that’s not weird enough, I always give him a kiss in the morning when I get up. Just to make sure that he will make it till the end of the day :)

22) I play the piano since I was 4 years old. When I was 8, I took music classes, and I also learned how to play the saxophone at age 14.

Me and my sister, last year, in London (in case you didn't notice).

23) My dad loves 60’s and 70’s music, so I grew up listening to this songs. I so love this good old music and I’ll never get tired of it. I think it is the best music that’s ever been made. I sometimes wish that I was born 30 years earlier.

24) I have this strange disorder that I always drop things. When I am somewhere – whether it is in my room, the bathroom, the kitchen, in the shower or in a store – there’s always something that I drop on the floor. It’s hard to do things quietly.

25) I absolutely love the X-factor UK! It is so much better than the talent shows we know here in Belgium. Since 2008 I’ve watched every show on You Tube (albeit with a day’s delay). I so love it and I’m so excited for the next season!

26) I hate soda! Ugh! As a kid I always struggled to empty a bottle of coke. It felt like the bubbles were trying to kill me, seriously! Nowadays, I live on water and tea.

27) At home, we eat organic since I was 16 and we feel so much better and more alive than ever!

28) I bought myself a sewing machine when I was 16 so I could shorten new trousers myself (which comes in handy when you are a midget like us!).

29) I’m a person who starts thinking after I have done or said something. Not the right order of course, but I’m learning ... I guess!

30) I am a very emotional person, things that touch me, I weep!

Voila, done! I hope you liked this post and let me know if you did one like this too. I would love to read yours!



  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I grow organic strawberries, but sadly where I live the climate isnt warm enough to grow much more! I also did a post like this, however its under the 'about' section of my blog if you want to check it out!
    Rachael :)

    1. Oh, strawberries, yummie! I wish I had the opportunity to grow my own fruits and vegetables, but we don't own a big garden so sadly we have no place for that. But when I have my own house, there will be a kitchen garden for sure!


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