Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Belgian seaside: Ostend Beach!

This year, my grandmother reached the big 80! I can't believe how young and fit she still looks and is. To have such a strong mind as she has 57 years from now, I would sign for immediately!

It would be a dream come true to rock that grey hair and those wrinkles of age like she does!

My grandmother

Because turning 80 is quite a big deal, we (my mum - her only daughter -, my dad, my sister and I) had planned a few surprises. The weekend before her birthday, we went eating tapas and we also prepared a dinner party at home.
We really didn't want her to forget this special day and neither did we want her to be on her own since my grandfather died two years ago. So on her birthday we took her out for breakfast.

Haha, now it seems like we only took her out to eat ...

This past weekend, we arranged a holiday by the sea at Ostend Beach in Belgium. Ostend is located along the North Sea and is very touristic. It's the seaside city where you can take a ferry to England. Really would like to do that one day!

Anyway, my grandmother always used to go to Ostend in her younger days with my grandfather and my mum. So we thought this would be a very nostalgic moment. Ostend is really beautiful and I went there twice a year on holiday with my family untill my 16th. So it was very nostalgic for us too.

My grandmother's mother-in-law, aunt Maria as we call her since she is my mother's aunt, also came along because, apart from her sisters, we are the only family she has left.

In Ostend, there are this crazy orange 'Rock Strangers' popping up on the sea wall, a project by the artist Arne Quinze.

They screamed for attention and for a photo! So we just had no choice ...

Me, my dad and my sister ... a moment of uncontrolled weakness.

We did a tour through the city with a horse-drawn carriage, we went to see the horse races (so cool!), we visited the Mercator - an old ship from 1932 - and we saw the Belgian Championship fireworks at the beach.

And of course, when you walk around with 'slightly' older people, you've got to sit down once in a while and take time to relax ...

Mummy and daddy

After three beautiful days, I went back home with my parents and my sister Marianne. My grandmother and aunt Maria remained there for the rest of the week. I hope my grandmother enjoyed every moment and that she will remember her 80th birthday as been fantastic!

We had such a great time!

Girl power!



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day and spoilt your grandmother like she deserves :) Them orange fixtures are crazy! Great photos Sofie,

    Abi xx

    1. Thank you Abi! My grandmother deserves it all, she is the best. x

  2. This looks like such fun! I'd love to visit Belgium, one day! x

    The Little Things

    1. Thanks, Louise! Belgium has lots of beautiful places to discover.

  3. This looks like such fun and you got such great photos! :) Rachel xxx


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