Thursday, 26 September 2013

A trip to the wonderful world of vegetables

This week I started my probably final year of uni. 'Probably' because I said that last year aswell, and here I am, still at uni, doing a second Master in Horticulture, oh well. I really want to learn more about vegetables and fruit cultivation, so it seemed the best option to just do this extra year now, instead of doing it in 10 years or having regret for not doing it at all.

Anyway, yesterday was our first school trip. We visited a company that refines seeds and it was a very interesting day. I don't plan on rambling about everything I saw and learned, but I just wanted to share some pictures with you.

As a real fruit and vegetable addict, I'm a little embarrassed to say that from most vegetables I only know what they look like when they are at the greengrocer. Of some vegetables, I just have no idea how they grow on the plant. For that reason I made a picture of each vegetable I encountered, as still growing on the plant.

Probably not something you've all been waiting for to see here in the blogosphere, but I thought it might be quite interesting (okay, or maybe just a little? No?). You can't stop me though ...


Green Romanesco cauliflower




Purple turnip cabbage

Curly lettuce

Radicchio Rosso




Red beet (beetroot)

White cabbage (giant footballs!)

Red cabbage

Savoy cabbage

Pointed cabbage

Brussels sprouts (how cute are these!)



Sweet peppers

This were all vegetables I could spot, the edible ones anyway. They even had fountains in the form of a cabbage and carrots. Quite extraordinary if you ask me.

In the afternoon we got a free lunch and for dessert we got this icecream with red cabbage and apple flavour. It tasted quite special (and looked purple), but it was actually very good!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DIY Back to school: Pencil case

Last weekend I made myself a new pencil case. I got tired of my old one which I am using now since primary school! That's a loooong time!

Tucked away in the back of my closet, I found this cute green polka dot fabric of which I once (I think 7 years ago) made a top. My grandfather was a tailor and he gave me his box full of buttons and zippers when I started to experiment with my sewing machine. So I had the fabric, I had the zipper and I had the enthousiasm to make something ... Perfect!

I will try to show you how I made my pencil case. Some steps aren't that easy to explain but I'll do my best. I promise :)

What you need:

You don't necessarily need a self cuttable zipper ribbon. I just used it so I would be able to determine how long I wanted it to be. Instead of a textile marker, you can also simply use a pencil.

Step 1:
Draw a rectangle depending on how big you want your pencil case to be.

This is what you will need to cut out of your fabric.

Step 2:
Cut the piece of fabric for the zipper in half.

Step 3:
To prevent fraying of the fabric, I always do a "VVVVVVV" stitch around the edges. I did this for all edges on every piece of fabric that I used.

Step 4:
Take your zipper ribbon (cut it to the desired length) and pin it to the piece of fabric that's intended for the zipper. Sew it.

Step 5:
Fold the edges of the base piece.
Pin the sides to the base piece, right in the middle. Don't sew them, just leave them pinned like this.

Step 6:
Also pin the zipper part to the base piece and sew it.
Do the same on the other side. Your pencil case will now only be open at the sides.
Always sew on the wrong side of the fabric so the fabric seam won't be visible when you turn the good side of the fabric out.

Step 7:
Almost finished now!
The last step involves the closing of the sides. This step is quite tricky and I have no idea how to explain the way I did it. I hope my pictures will do the explanation.

Step 8:
When you did all the sewing, turn your pencil case inside out (or is it outside in?), just because it looks quite weird if you left it like this :)

And tadaa, your pencil case is finished!
I just added some buttons to cheer him up ...

Do you like my hand made pencil case? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Gingerbread burger!

The recipe I will share with you today, was originally intended as an experiment. I had some wandering ideas in my mind, which I converted last week in practice. I was very pleasantly surprised by the result and could not help but make it again this week! So de-li-cious ... and super easy!
And oh, I discovered a microwave here in the student house!

What you need:

Steps 1 to 9:

1. Apply the hummus on the sandwiches (both sides).
2. Garnish with lettuce ...
3. ... tomato slices ...
4. ... apple slices ...
5. ... cheese ...
6. ... gingerbread.
7. Close the burger.
8. Hmmmm, look at all those layers ...
9. Put it in the microwave (or oven) for about 3 minutes (400 Watt) to allow the cheese to melt.

Step 10:
While your burger is in the microwave, make a fresh salad of leftover tomato, lettuce and apple.

And that's all!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Instead of toast bread you can use a hamburger sandwich or any other soft roll. I think it would make it just a bit easier to eat.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It smells good, it tastes heavenly and it's super easy and quickly made! The apple gives it some texture, the hummus makes it all a little creamy and the gingerbread provides it the most amazing flavour (I now want to put it in every meal, oh well). I'm actually very, very pleased with the result!