Monday, 24 February 2014

Green smoothie: Spinach, fennel & banana

A new week, a new smoothie!

Bingo, we have a winner! This smoothie is my favourite one so far! It has such a rich flavour while it only contains 4 ingredients. The intent was to make a green smoothie and so spinach would be a very important contributor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(6 glasses)

1 fennel
1 green apple
2 big hands of spinach (± 200 g)
2 bananas
200 ml rice drink
water (as much as needed)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clean the spinach and peel the bananas. Cut the apple, fennel and banana into pieces. Put all ingredients together in a blender. Blend blend blend. Done!
You might have to add water to make your smoothie a little more fluid!

In this smoothie the flavours of all four ingredients really come into their own. You can identify the anise flavour of the fennel and the taste of the banana and spinach while drinking. At the end you can observe a nice apple aftertaste. Just yummy!

Yes, this smoothie is definitely my best experiment so far! I'm very enthousiastic about the impact of fennel, because it creates a very fresh taste. And I'm also very excited about the beautiful green colours :)

What do you think? Are you going to try this smoothie? I highly recommend you to!



  1. I make green smoothies all the time but I've never tried this combination. I'm definitely making this today.
    xo, Sarah

    1. Oh Sarah, thank you! Please let me know if you liked it! x

  2. Look at that leafy green garnish! This sounds so interesting - I usually hate the licorice / anise flavor, but I can see how it would be good with apple and banana!

    Allison Katelyn @

    1. My sister doesn't like the anise flavour either. But it's not overwhelming in this smoothie! :)

  3. I do drink green smoothies, but don't know how I'd feel about the fennel in my drink. I'm a fan of spinach and mango!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. This sounds interesting.. I really need to try one of your smoothie recipes soon :)!


  5. this looks amazing! I am going to try it on my day off!

  6. this smoothie looks amazing, I can't wait to try it! Beautiful photographs too. Your blog is so cute and inspirational I nominated you for the sunshine award! Check it out here



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