Friday, 28 February 2014

Lush haul Antwerp (Belgium)!

It's Fridaaay! I hope you're all ready for the weekend? Mine is going to be filled with studying (I really should start, eurgh).

I promised in my previous post that I would show you the products I bought at LUSH the other week. I was very tempted to take everything with me, but thanks to the list I had made beforehand, I could restrain myself :)

The first soap I really wanted to try was Rock Star. This soap just smells amazing! If you like sweet flavours, then this one is definitely made for you! I've just used this soap only once, and I could still smell it on my skin in the evening (AND on the next morning when I was taking a shower, the hot water seemed to release the last flavours!).

The Godmother smells like cuberdons! I don't know if you know this very sweet sugary candy? They look like purple/burgundy noses or cones (and smell like this soap, haha). Anyway, I bought this soap because of its amazing flavour! Haven't used it yet, but can't wait to try it!

I bought Figs and Leaves because of the fact that it's a good soap for people with sensitive and dry skin like me. The seeds of the figs will scrub your skin and leave it very soft and clean. You can also use this soap on your face because it is very mild. 

Then I also picked up this Tea Tree Water to clean my face and prevent it from spots. It feels very refreshing and pleasant on the skin! 

And then the lovely lady from LUSH also gave me a sample of Enzymion, a cream perfect to use after Tea Tree Water. It smells kinda like citrus fruit. I really like it!

We also got this lovely bag as a gift, because of the opening of the new LUSH shop :) Hurrah!

As you can tell, I really went for the soaps this time, haha! They all smell super delicious and I also love the fact that the soaps you buy are freshly cut for you from the big soap cakes.

Have you bought anything from LUSH lately?



  1. you have gotten so many nice products :) i love the rockstar soap ! xx

  2. I love the Godmother and Rockstar, though I find them to be a bit sickly if I use them too often!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

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