Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pastel green smoothie: Cucumber, pear & banana

It has been a while since I made a smoothie. So it's definitely time to change that!

To please my mum - it was Mother's day after all - I made one with banana on Sunday. She only wants to drink my smoothies if they have banana in them. I can't blame her, every smoothie with banana tastes great.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(6 glasses)

1 large cucumber
2 little pears
2 bananas
200 ml of almond milk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peel the bananas and put them in the blender. Clean the cucumber and the pears, cut them and put them in the blender as well, unpeeled. Add the almond milk. Blend blend blend. Done!

Simple, easy and delicious!
Add some chia seeds and hemp seeds on top, or anything you like.

Are there any other banana smoothie lovers?

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

One day juice cleanse ~ My experience and thoughts

Today, I did my first juice detox ever. I've been wanting to do this for such a long time, but there was always something that was holding me back: not the right time, no juice in the house, justifying myself to other people ... Postponing, for ever and always.

But then this week the perfect moment was there. Since I don't have school this week and I'm staying at home, I told myself to give it a go, this time for real.

Because I'm a major food - healthy food - lover, I was highly convinced that I wouldn't manage 3 days (= short cleanse cycle) without solid foods. In the morning, I always get up with a growling bear in my stomach. I need to be fed ... or I'll get really moody! So I thought I'd be kind to myself and do a cleanse for only one single day. I'm so brave!

The day before

Before I tell you about the actual cleanse, I must say that when you are planning on doing a juice cleanse, it's best to eat light a few days before and cut out the bad (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, meat, processed foods). Since I already try to avoid these products as much as possible, I just ate soup for dinner the evening before my cleanse.

Actual cleanse day

So I bought these two organic juices: organic apple beetroot juice (amzing!) and organic carrot juice (wasn't that great, too high expectations). I know, I know, I didn't make my own juices. The reason: I don't have a juicer (only a blender for smoothies) and it would be a big effort ... and I'm too lazy.

Of course, this morning - like every morning - I was awake at 6:18. Noooo, why, WHY?! And when I'm awake, I can't sleep anymore, so I jumped out of bed. An early morning means a long day means a long time without solid food. But, I was ready!

Ignoring the growling bear in my stomach, I grabbed a glass of water to flush out all the nightly formed toxins and waste. And of course I was thrilled to try out my juices so I also poured myself a glass of apple beetroot juice. Delicious!

Besides the juices, I also drank lots of water. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. The hardest part of the day was lunchtime and dinner. Everyday I'm always looking forward to what I'm going to eat. Yes, most of the time my thoughts are with food. The fact that there would only be juice on the menu, was a little disheartening. But I kept strong, cooked dinner for my family (that smell!) and drank courageously my juices.

The whole morning I was very hungry but that feeling slowly faded during the afternoon. And now, at this given moment, at 8:10 pm, I'm getting hungry again. Surprisingly, I didn't feel flabby during the day but I did have a slight pressure above my eyes and I was a little tired.

The day after

Oh, I'm so looking forward to tomorrow! Just like the days before your cleanse, it's best to slowly build up your diet again. Start with fruits and vegetables, then nuts and grains, then meat and fish. So tomorrow, for breakfast, there is still one avocado waiting for me (YEEEEEEEEEEES!!) and a banana, and some leftover juice (haha). I'm so going to enjoy this!!

And now, I just made myself a large cup of green tea and I'm going to bed early. To be honest, I'm not sure if I would do another cleanse in the future. Therefore I like food too much, good food of course. And because I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible (just because I like healthy food the most), I don't think it's worth the "suffer". But if I do, I would definitely make sure that I have a lot more different juices in the fridge. Only 2 juices, it gets really boring!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? What are your experiences?


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Colourful veggie quinoa

Today, I made this super easy veggie quinoa bowl with red kidney beans and feta for dinner. Since I'm a big (the biggest) vegetable lover, I also tried to add as many different colourful vegetables as possible.

Besides the fact that this dish is very healthy and vegetarian, it also only takes 30 to 40 minutes to prepare (cleaning and cutting vegetables included).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(4-5 servings)

200 g of quinoa
1 red bell pepper (paprika)
1 yellow bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
4 small carrots
10 cherry tomatoes
250 g organic red kidney beans (mine were canned)
200 g feta
Turmeric (curcuma)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Step 1:
Bring water to boil in a sauce pan. Add the quinoa and some salt and cook for about 15 minutes until ready.

Step 2:
Meanwhile, rinse the canned red kidney beans and clean the vegetables. Cut the peppers and carrots into small cubes and cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Step 3:
Add the peppers and carrots with some coconut oil (or olive oil) in another larger pan and heat them briefly.
Meanwhile, cut the feta into small chunks.
Add the red beans and tomatoes to the pan, just to heat them up. Season to taste with salt, pepper, turmeric, basil and oregano.

Step 4:
When cooked, add the quinoa to the vegetables and mix well together.
At the end, add the feta chunks and serve.

Super simple and it looks very pretty as well, don't you think? My sister whispered to me that she found it very tasty. This really means a lot because I know she mostly prefers something with meat. RESULT!

What do you think? Are you in for this colourful bowl of quinoa?